Amazon Announce Reserved Instances For Windows

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Amazon have announced that like Linux and Unix, Windows will now be available as a reserved instance.

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Our View: A reserved instance brings more flexibility to the pricing model that can be designed by people using AWS. The Amazon site provides plenty of facts and figures around different usage scenarios. In brief, if you are fairly sure you will have a base level of usage for a particular application or service, one that will spike at certain times then it may well be cheaper to provision a reserved instance for the base and on demand instances for the spikes. This is similar to a hybrid cloud setup today where an organisation may use its in house “reserved instances” and burst into the cloud for on demand spikes. The real point in all this is price, if you work out what you need properly then provisioning it just gets less costly.

All this adds up to even greater choice for those designing and provisioning new infrastructure. It will add more momentum to the rapid commoditisation of what used to be complex and expensive internal provisioning of computing power.

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