CouchOne and Membase merge

Nigel Duke 9 February 2011 0

CouchOne and Membase have announced their merger, creating CouchBase.

CouchOne was founded by the creator of CouchDB, Damien Katz, to provide commercial support for CouchDB, an open source document-based database.

Membase was founded by developers of Memcached, a general purpose distributed memory caching system used on sites such as YouTube, Reddit, Zynga, Facebook and Twitter. Membase’s flagship product is Membase, a key-value database with many of Memcached’s features.

The merged company will be led by Bob Weiderhold, formerly CEO of Membase, while Damien Katz, formerly CEO of CouchOne, becomes CTO.

The merger is significant as it appears to represent a rationalisation of the very crowded NoSQL, or Big Data, space.

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