RightScale and Zend combine to offer PHP Solution Pack

Nigel Duke 20 April 2011 0

RightScale, one of the leading cloud computing providers, and Zend, producer of the Zend PHP platform, have announced a collaboration to offer a Platform-as-a-Service (PasS). RightScale Zend PHP Solution Pack offers a Zend environment running on RightScale’s cloud platform. The offering claims to be a secure, highly-available, auto-scaling, enterprise-grade PHP cluster.

PHP has been steadily moving into the enterprise, aided by its established web presence and large developer base. Whilst a number of dedicated PHP PaaS providers have emerged recently – PHPFog, cloudControl and Orchestra – the RightScale Zend proposal is geared towards the enterprise and probably competes more with VMware’s recently announced Cloud Foundry.

Advertised features and benefits are:

  • Pre-Configured and Tested 3-Tier Architecture for Faster Onboarding
  • Auto-Scaling Based on System and Application Load Metrics and Supported by Load Balancing
  • PHP Session Clustering for High Availability
  • Enterprise-Grade, Secure PHP Stack
  • Cloud Portability Across Public and Private Clouds

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