Cloud computing news digest 22 August 2011

Alastair Aitken 22 August 2011 0

Joyent ports Kernel-based Virtual Machine into its operating system

Joyent has ported Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) into its SmartOS operating system. SmartOS, is a fork of the Illumos operating system, which in its turn is a fork of the OpenSolaris project. Joyent machines run on SmartOS and this would appear to underline its commitment to keeping the project going after Oracle, who bought Sun, the original owner of Solaris and maintainers of OpenSolaris, closed the project.

Mozilla releases Firefox 6

Hot on the heels of Firefox 5, version 6 has been launched. There are very few user interface changes with most new features being behind the scenes and for developers.

Microsoft Office 365 hiccups

Office 365, Microsoft’s cloud computing version of its popular Office suite experienced outages last week. Microsoft CRM Online was also effected.

LinkedIn replaces Ruby on Rails with Node.js for its mobile application

Using Node.js on the backend and HTML5 on the frontend, LinkedIn has replaced its old mobile app with a faster, less resource-hungry version. As well as HTML5, Javascript libraries such as Backbone.js and Underscore were also utilised to speed development.

Cloud Foundry announces deployment partners

VMware’s multi-language open source Platform-as-a-Service, CloudFoundry, has a number of new deployment partners:

In a further announcement, Cloud Foundry announced the availability of RabbitMQ messaging server on the platform; currently RabbitMQ is free in beta.

Understanding cloud computing vulnerabilities

Security is often cited as the main obstacle to implementation of cloud computing, this article attempts to give an overview of security vulnerabilities and how they must be addressed with respect to cloud computing.

Above the clouds: Introducing Akka

A presentation of Akka, a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) that attempts to address concurrency, scalability and fault tolerance.

Hotlink SuperVISOR for VMware announced

HotLink SuperVISOR for VMware aims to create a single environment for data centres running a variety of hypervisors, such as Citrix XenServer, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (KVM).

Real World Windows Azure: General Mill launches consumer site on Azure

The Windows Azure section of the Microsoft Developer Network has a short interview with Dom Alcocer, Marketing Manager at General Mills about the launch of a consumer site for gluten-free products deployed on Microsoft Azure.

Convenience Store Chain Chooses IBM to Collaborate in the Cloud

IBM isn’t just targeting large enterprises for its cloud computing offerings. This week IBM chose to highlight a small chain of geographically dispersed US convenience stores that has implemented IBM LotusLive for its cloud computing solution with the aim of aiding collaboration between employees, customers, licensees, vendors and partners.

Amazon receives one-fifth of the world’s traffic

Web analytics firm comScore announced that 1 in 5 web visits in June 2011 were to Amazon sites.

Fujitsu Cloud Services

Fujitsu has launched services to aid collaboration and messaging in the cloud as part of Fujitsu Cloud Services

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