Cloud computing news digest 29 August 2011

Alastair Aitken 28 August 2011 0

Amazon launches Amazon ElastiCache

Amazon has launched Amazon ElastiCache, a MemCached compatible web service for in-memory caching. Amazon ElasticCache improves the performance of web applications by using in-memory caching rather than caching to disk.

Cloud Foundry all to yourself

Micro Cloud Foundry is a virtual machine image from VMware with the same structure as VWware Cloud Foundry. Cloud Foundry is an open source Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for running Spring, Rails, Node.js and Scala applications.

AppFog uses Cloud Foundry

Formerly known as PHPFog, AppFog is becoming more generic by using Cloud Foundry to support frameworks and languages other than PHP. By using Cloud Foundry (see above), AppFog is going the way of other PaaS providers and becoming more generic. For instance, Ruby on Rails PaaS provider Heroku has announced beta support for Java.

Verizon acquires CloudSwitch

Verizon has acquired CloudSwitch, self-proclaimed “enterprise gateway to the cloud”. CloudSwitch produces software to securely migrate applications to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Windows Azure and Terremark. acquired by Engine Yard

Ireland-based PaaS has been acquired by Engine Yard. Orchestra is a PaaS built on top of Amazon Web Services (AWS) for deploying, managing and scaling PHP web applications. Engine Yard is a PaaS for Ruby on Rails web applications.

Skype acquires GroupMe, group messaging

After months of talks, GroupMe has been acquired by Skype. GroupMe is free group texting and conference calling in the form of a standalone application for group messaging on iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows 7. In its turn, Skype was recently acquired by Microsoft.

Yammer and ON24 linkup

Producer of “Twitter for the enterprise”, Yammer, is to use the ON24 webinar network to deliver educational content to its users. ON24 is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for delivering corporate webinars and Yammer provides enterprise micro-blogging SaaS.

Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a development platform

As brief overview from InfoQ about using Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a development platform.

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