Cloud computing news digest 3 Oct 2011

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Cloud computing security concerns declining

According to a Wall Street Journal article, security concerns about cloud computing are declining, particularly amongst small and medium size enterprises.

It’s not rocket science

Formed by ex-NASA and ex-Rackspace employees, Piston Cloud Computing aims to help enterprises build private clouds by utilising a custom OpenStack distribution with the focus on security and ease of deployment.

Monkeys randomly re-creating Shakespeare

Cloud computing need no longer be the preserve of the mundane.  Jesse Anderson has gamut of cloud computing instances delivering virtual monkeys to randomly produce works of Shakespeare.

Data privacy

Cloud encryption to prevent eavesdropping

With concerns about the USA PATRIOT Act impact on cloud computing, the Canadian New Democratic Party has implemented encryption on top of their accounts to prevent eavesdropping.

Platform as a Service

TIBCO deliver cloud computing solutions

TIBCO has delivered new cloud computing solutions to “allows users to provision complex environments across public, private and hybrid clouds in minutes – all in a completely self-service way”

Platform as a Service comparison site

A new site,, aims to help make decisions about which PaaS provider to use by making point-by-point comparisons.

Cloud control solution from Sensible Cloud

sense from Sensible Cloud aims to give enterprises a high degree of control over their cloud computing solutions.  Stated aims include:

  • making cloud computing easier,
  • making cloud computing more cost-effective and transparent,
  • ensuring that organizations have tighter governance over cloud investments.

It does this by automatically “right-sizing” cloud resources according to business, cost and performance parameters.

JRuby on EngineYard released

JRuby is officially available on EngineYard.  JRuby, currently at release 1.6.4, enables running Ruby on the Java Virtual Machine.

Python and Django on Heroku

The availability of Python and Django on Heroku has been announced.  Heroku is best known for its Ruby PaaS, but in common with others in the industry, is attempting to support other platforms.

Company news

Virgin and Savvis deliver cloud computing

Virgin Media Business will be using Savvis infrastructure to deliver cloud computing solutions to its customers.

Salesforce invests in

Salesforce has invested a sum, said to in excess of $50 million, into, provider of cloud storage solutions.


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