Cloud computing news digest – 17 Oct 2011

Alastair Aitken 17 October 2011 0

Data protection

Google fought the law and the law (sort of) won

Google has been handing over private Gmail data to the US government but not without winning the right not to do it in secret. Google publishes the numbers of requests it receives from governments.


SQL Azure Q4 2011 service release

Microsoft has announced the latest SQL Azure service release. Stated feature improvements are:

  • maximum database size increases to 150 GB from 50 GB
  • SQL Azure Federation to simplify scaling
  • a new management portal

Existing applications should be unaffected by the upgrade.

Also announced is a forthcoming preview of Microsoft SQL Server ODBC Driver for Linux.

Google App Engine SDK 1.5.5 released

Google App Engine SDK 1.5.5 has been released for Java, Python and Go. As well as various performance tweaks, the SDK includes the Python-based web application framework webapp2.

AMQP working group publishes final 1.0 specification

The Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) working group has published its final 1.0 specification for AMQP, the open standard for business messaging.

EU survey on guidelines for public procurement of ICT goods and services

The European Commission is carrying out a survey to help determine guidelines for the public procurement of ICT goods and services. There are two separate surveys, one for public procurers and the other for ICT suppliers.


IBM launch PaaS offering

All the big industry players are jostling for position with their latest cloud computing offerings. Following on from Oracle, IBM has announced its PaaS offering with the easily forgettable name IBM SmartCloud Application Services.

Google announces new web programming language

Google announced its new web programming language Dart last week and it didn’t take too long before the knives were out. Currently Dart compiles to Javascript – rather large amounts of Javascript –  although Google Chrome is likely to implement support.

Company news

Wave Accounting raises new funding

Accounting Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider Wave Accounting has secured Canadian $5 million in funding. Focusing primarily at the small business user, the free service claims almost 75,000 customers since launching less than a year ago. Revenue is raised via targeted advertising and a group-buying scheme.

Six Degrees Group raises £60 million

UK-based Six Degrees Group has raised £60 million to bring its managed data services offering to the UK’s medium-sized companies. Six Degrees Group was founded by entrepreneur Alastair Mills who recently sold SpiriTel Plc for £37m.

Spree Commerce raised $1.5 million

Open-source eCommerce solution Spree has raised $1.5 million. Written in Ruby on Rails, Spree allows for easy customisation and integration into existing Ruby on Rails projects. The Spree code is hosted on Github.

ShareFile acquired by Citrix

Business cloud document sharing service ShareFile has been acquired by Citrix Systems. ShareFile sells its services to businesses rather than consumers and eschews the freemium model of more well-known rivals such as and Dropbox.

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