Cloud computing news digest – 24 Oct 2011

Alastair Aitken 24 October 2011 0

We’re trying out a more compact news digest from this week onwards with succinct descriptions and links to the source material.

Morgan Hill Consultants will be talking about cloud computing for non-techies presentation at the IT in Housing Conference and Exhibition 2011 by Zend is a Platform-as-a-Service to develop, deploy and manage PHP applications in the cloud

A list of social media marketing tools, including Facebook, Linkedin and StumbleUpon

The Nielsen report 2011 on social media, showing interesting facts and figures

Google Apps update alerts: A fresh start for Google Presentations plus more than 50 new features

Morgan Hill: Dropbox raises $250 million funding

Google deal with L.A. sours: City wants out

Cloud computing: implications for IT support :

Google Apps v Microsoft 365 – Google Apps wins according to Cloud Sherpas

Morgan Hill: EU firms increase investment in innovation

What’s behind Iceland’s first major data center? | ITworld

Shopify Raises $15 Million in Series B Funding

Consumers in the cloud by The Guardian

Reference architecture for private cloud computing from Microsoft TechNet

SafeNet unveils simplified identity federation for cloud apps

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