Microsoft Lync overview and basic features

Favad Qaisar 27 October 2011 0

Microsoft Lync logoMicrosoft Lync takes the idea of online communication, corporate security and client side software integration to a new level. Widely considered a corporate replacement for Microsoft Windows Messenger, it has a lot more to it particularly as far as security is concerned. Whilst communication is over the internet, internally Microsoft Lync clients communicate over a secure connection.

Since Lync is primarily targeted to cater for the needs of the corporate world, it has the extra features that are the essential for the enterprise:

  • instant messenger
  • Voice over IP
  • video conferencing in high resolution
  • desktop sharing

The real strength of Lync lies in its ability to integrate with other client software from Microsoft. Providing a common set of core services not only improves the overall performance of the integrated services but also helps troubleshooting any issues that might arise.

The most impressive change in this context is the addition of real time multi-client collaborative software capabilities which allow working on the same document simultaneously without synchronization issues. Collaboration sessions replicate the concept of a conference where the conference organiser can add new members and define their respective privilege levels according to requirements. By using a familiar concepts, such as a conference, Lync aims squarely at the online communication experience needs of the corporate client.

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