Cloud computing news digest – 21 Nov 2011

Alastair Aitken 21 November 2011 0

jQuery Mobile, the mobile version of the jQuery library, has been in beta for a while but finally jQuery Mobile 1.0 has been released. It’s entering a fairly crowded marketplace with several rival offerings already in the marketplace, such as Sencha Touch, DHTMLX Touch, Jo, Zepto.js and

AWS continue enchancing the AWS Management Console; it now supports Amazon Route 53 DNS service

New Relic, a service for cloud application performance management has raised $15 million in funding

There are many choices for Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service, this article aims to help a service for your application

The San Jose Mercury News reports how Google believe that Gmail and Google+ are keys to its strategy on the cloud

The technology stack for Google+ explained

Google Has Open Sourced Android 4.0

Enterprise SaaS company Zuora expands into Europe with its service for managing subscriptions

Salesforce and Microsoft slug it out in the CRM Cloud Wars

Boundary is a real-time Monitoring-as-a-Service for AWS, Rackspace and private data centeres

Apprenda is a Platform-as-a-Service for .NET

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