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Alastair Aitken 23 November 2011 0

Pragmatic Programmers, the publisher of books, PDFs and screencasts for developers and techies is having a sale on Friday 25th November 2011, ostensibly to celebrate Thanksgiving (whatever that is 😉 ).

Pragmatic Programmers is offering 40% off everything in its store that it publishes: books, PDFs, and screencasts (there are a couple of exceptions, including The SPDY Book, and Exceptional Ruby). To get 40% off, the coupon code ‘turkey’ should be entered at the Pragmatic Programmers checkout on Friday. The following conditions apply:

  • the coupon is valid from 00:01PST to 23:59PST on Friday, November 25th, 2011. (PST is 8 hours behind GMT)
  • the discount cannot be applied to orders placed prior to or after these times
  • the coupon cannot be combined with any other coupon
  • the coupon can only be used for products we have on sale on Friday (that is, we can’t hold it over until some unreleased title becomes available)
  • the coupon is valid for the entire contents of an order (excluding books we do not publish but resell) but does not affect shipping costs
  • you have to enter the coupon code ‘turkey’ and then select your payment mechanism to apply the discount to your order

Morgan Hill is not affiliated with Pragmatic Programmers in any way, other than the fact that we buy its books.


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