Cloud computing news digest – 28 Nov 2011

Alastair Aitken 28 November 2011 0

Ubuntu ditches CouchDB, the NoSQL database

CouchDB’s popularity doesn’t appear to be growing as quickly as its NoSQL rival, MongoDB. NetTuts has a great tutorial for getting started with MongoDB

Quora Gains A Twitter/Facebook Growth Expert, Loses Top Engineer to Pinterest

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Although still in beta, AppFog, the rebranded PHP Fog, has launched its first paid plans for its Cloud Foundry service

InfoQ has a preview of the new IDE features in Visual Studio 11. One of the touted features is project round tripping which is used for project backward compatibility

Heroku, one of the pathfinders for the Platform-as-a-Service business model, has made its SQL Database-as-a-Service available to all-comers, not just Heroku customers. Based on PostgreSQL, features include a new web interface, automated health checks and databases on demand

Whilst Amazon Web Services already has a data centre in south east Asia, it looks set to increase its reach into the Australian market by developing an Australian data centre

Data-as-a-Service provider, InfoChimps, has changed CEOs. Co-founder Nick Ducoff steps down in lieu of current COO Joe Kelly until a permanent replacement is found

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