LiveReload lets developers ditch the refresh button

Alastair Aitken 2 January 2012 0

Edit, save, cmd-tab, refresh… Edit, save, cmd-tab, refresh… Edit, save, cmd-tab, refresh…

Call me lazy but when writing web applications the extra step of clicking browser refresh to see the results of code updates is something I can do without. It may seem trivial to the casual observer but any step that’s repeated many times a day and that can be eliminated from the development process can only be a good thing.

Four steps good, three steps better

Thanks to LiveReload, Mac web developers no longer have to bother with the refresh step. Install LiveReload, then install the browser extension for your browser of choice and you’re ready to go (or rather you are ready once you’ve remembered to activate LiveReload for the URL under development). Windows support is currently under development.

LiveReload is pre-configured for most web application file extensions and even handles pre-compiled languages such as Sass or CoffeeScript. Adding additional file extensions is straightforward; I added file extensions for several different file types in my current favourite environment, Wakanda.

Whilst not a unique solution, LiveReload manages to be one of the best by keeping out of the developer’s way and just doing its job. I like.


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