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Favad Qaisar 16 January 2012 0

The basic idea behind Lync im an expert is to solve the problems that users face. What is one’s first response as soon as a query or problem occurs? The magical phase “google it”, Need of the time is a fast user friendly request-response structure which helps people to solve their problems. No one no longer has the time to go through the documentation and find a solution to his/her query. To support this sort of a customer support program that doesn’t exactly add to the burden of the company which does need to directly form a separate customer support team yet provide the service at a more intimate level.

Lync IM an expert is a networking tool embedded by default in Lync. It helps people who have any questions find the people in your organization who might have an answer to their questions. This tool was developed my Microsoft Research team to provide a support service to Lync users. It allows users to post questions using the Lync instant messenger which is then forwarded to the appropriate people managed by the IM an expert database.

As soon as user posts a question in the IM an expert window found in the Lync instant messenger. IM an expert parses the question, determines the topic area of that particular question, finds the topic area of that question and upon doing that forwards the question to all the experts which are just other simple users in that organization but are considered experts in that area. IM an expert manages its own database of users according to topic areas. As soon as an expert responds to the posted question which he was alerted about prior to his response, an IM session is started by IM an expert between the expert and the user. The user can set the privacy details of the conversation, multi language support is also available and the conversation is automatically saved in history for future reference so all in all it has everything that a user needs to efficiently query about a certain topic area.

The thing that makes IM an expert different from other traditional forums and other existing methods which typically execute separate open threads for every question asked. Lync is faster and more helpful as it searches for available experts in that topic area and instantly messages them.  In this way the question reaches the expert, he doesn’t have to look for the question. This logically seems to be a better approach. So it this facility gives the Lync users the ultimate customer support forum which operates without any real time response delays!


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