Creating custom content types in Sharepoint 2010

Shameem Ahmed 22 January 2012 0

Creating custom content types in Sharepoint 2010

Content type is one the fundamental feature through which Sharepoint 2010 manages all its data. Content type is essentially a template of columns and custom behaviour managed centrally and can be reused as many times as wanted throughout Sharepoint web sites.

Business Case

ABC Corp. incorporated Sharepoint 2010 to manage all company documents, one of the policy to store documents is to include the following details with each document:

  1. Bar-code number
  2. Author
  3. Expire Date

They need a way to automatically include this information to each document library they create.


Sharepoint 2010 provides site-level content types that can be created in one place and used across Sharepoint sites.  These content types are best suited for creating generic templates that will be used in multiple locations like document libraries, Sharepoint list etc.

Follow these steps to create a new content type that will address the above business case:

  1. Goto Site Settings and Select site content types from Gallaries group
  2. Click on Create to create new content type
  3. Type Name of the content type, for example ABC Corp. Document
  4. Fill rest of the information matching to the below image:
  5. Click OK to create custom content type
  6. Add necessary columns to the content type
  7. The completed content type should look like the image below:

Using Content type in document  library

By default, document libraries uses single content type in Sharepoint 2010.  To enable multiple content types on document libraries we need to enable that option in ibrary

  1. Open the document library for which you want to enable the content type
  2. Select Library Settings from the Library tab in the ribbon
  3. Select Advance Settings
  4. Select Yes for Allow management of content types
  5. Press OK  to save changes
  6. Select Add from existing content types
  7. Select the newly created content type and press Add
  8. Press OK to save changes

That’s is, the content type is added to the document library and is ready to use.


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