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 QuickBooks by Intuit Inc is accounting software which offers wonderful features to maintain and manage financial and accounting related information/data for small to medium size businesses, individuals, and accountants. Thus, Intuit Inc time to time releases various upgrades of this software which a QuickBooks user must download in order to avail various add on features of this tool. However, at times, it is seen that while trying to download a QuickBooks update, user encounters errors. Mostly, if a QuickBooks file becomes corrupt then it renders this kind of behavior while upgrading. Therefore, at this situation to resolve the corruption of QuickBooks file, you need to opt for third-party QuickBooks recovery software.

Let us exemplify the above situation. Suppose, you are an accountant and work on QuickBooks to maintain all your business related data. Another day, you bought a new Windows Vista based laptop and when you tried to upload QuickBooks on it failed, as the updates for QuickBooks which needed to download render the below mentioned error message:

Error 16026”

To rectify this issue, you must first understand the cause behind it.


Most probable causes for getting this unexpected error message are:

  • If some QuickBooks files were not installed properly or got damaged while installing QuickBooks to your new Windows Vista based laptop.

  • If the unsupported version of QuickBooks is uploaded on your Windows Vista.

  • Internet connectivity issue preventing update.

  • If the version of the Internet Explorer is not 6.0 or later.


Try the below mentioned resolution steps to solve the issue:

  • Restart QuickBooks

  • Access Financial Institution Directory in QuickBooks:

    • Go to Banking > Online Banking > Available Financial Institutions (or it can be Participating Financial Institutions, that depends upon the version of QuickBooks).

    • If the Financial Institution Directory appears on the left, then QuickBooks is successful in accessing one of the online services of Intuit.

  • If you can access Internet within or from QuickBooks and from Web Browser then try to download the program update again.

  • Now, check the version of Internet Explorer:

    • Open Internet Explorer.

    • Go to Help>About Internet Explorer.

    • If the version of Internet Explorer is earlier than 6.0 then download its latest version from web site of Microsoft.

    • However, if the version of IE is 6.0 or later but the cipher strength is lower than 128-bit then you need to download the Internet Explorer High Encryption Pack.

  • If you have correct version of IE and the cipher strength is also correct then some of the QuickBooks files may not have been installed correctly. In this case reinstall QuickBooks and try to download the update again.

However, if none of the solutions are able to solve the problem then you need to use third-party QuickBooks repair software to fix the issue. These tools repair corrupt or inaccessible QuickBooks database files and thus recover all your critical financial data. One such software is Stellar Phoenix Recovery for QuickBooks. The software recovers financial information which refers to vendors, customers, employees, etc. In addition this software is compatible with QuickBooks Simple Start, Premier, Pro, and Enterprise Solution Editions and is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, Server2003, XP, 2000, and NT.

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    Here is one more QuickBooks file recovery software to repairs QuickBooks files under all cases of corruption, inaccessibility and recovers all crucial business information relating to Customers, Vendors, Employees, and Services.

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