Creating custom forms for editing list items in Sharepoint online, Office 365

Shameem Ahmed 23 February 2012 0

Sharepoint Designer 2010 is the tool for business users to customize their sharepoint site without much technical knowledge. You can create custom web pages, lists, document libraries, content types and workflows using Sharepoint Designer 2010.

You can download sharepoint designer 2010 for free from Microsoft website.


In this article we’ll see how to create custom forms (ASPX pages) to edit list items. Sharepoint provides built-in forms for adding new items or updating an existing item in list or libraries, these forms can be easily changed using Sharepoint Designer.

1. Open sharepoint designer 2010

2. Press Open Site and enter URL of your sharepoint site, you need to provide the credentials to connect to the site.

3. Select Lists and Libraries from Site Objects panel in the left

4. Click on the list name for which you want to add the custom form, in this case My Tasks.

5. Click New button in Forms group.

6. Type name for your form.

7. Select Edit item form for type of form, click OK to create the form.

8. Select the newly created form in Forms group to edit the form. Edit the form to your liking and save when finished.

9. Set the new form as default in forms list in sharepoint designer.

10. Open sharepoint list in browser and select an item to edit, you will see your newly created form in action.


Sharepoint designer 2010 is a powerful tool for business users. Custom forms can be used to add additional functionality that is not available in the built-in forms provided by sharepoint, like providing search fields, showing additional fields or showing/hiding fields based on business rules etc.

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