Ways to Boost Your SEO with Google+

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BY: Md. Rabiul Islam

 Google+ is Google’s newest project and latest attempt to enter the social media marketplace. Google has made previous attempts at entering this forum with Buzz and Wave, but the company has not made any huge inroads.  Google+ is one of the most promising projects that Google has come up with in recent times.  Many critics have claimed that Google+ has all of the best features of both Facebook and Twitter, along with some powerful additional features such as video hangout.  Website owners will be happy to find that there are many ways to boost your SEO with Google+.
  Google+ has many implications for the search engine optimization community.  Google’s algorithm is being revamped to accommodate the features of Google+, and these changes can have a profound effect on your business.  The traditional method of SEO by putting up websites and link building may be coming to an end.  Junk content also will no longer enable a business to compete in the search rankings.  Google has known for years how SEO pros have been able to manipulate search results, and Google+ aims to reduce the effect of these techniques.  The foundation of Google+ is social credibility.  Google will now look at what the crowd is saying about the content that they are viewing.  Clicking on the +1 button, a Facebook share or like button, or on reTweet will become the new driver of elevating content on the results page.  Google will look at these inputs as crowdsourced, digital votes on which content is high quality.


Google+ also focuses on author rank in place of page rank.  Google+ associates credit with individual authors rather than with websites.  Therefore, to exploit the benefits provided by author rank, each business will now need to find top writers in their organizations who will produce high quality, compelling content on behalf of the company.  Whenever this person’s content receives +1 votes, that person’s content will be elevated.  Every company should have a blog, if they don’t already have one.  Every company should also have a Google+ account, which should be tied with the blog.  Then, build your Google+ profile, and connect your blog.  In order for Google to recognize the digital votes your content is receiving, your blog should have Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn share buttons.  Users should be encouraged to click on these buttons so that your articles will be perceived to be of higher quality by Google’s search engine algorithm.

Google’s search results will also look different.  For users who have established a Google+ profile with a photo, the photo of the author will appear beside the search result.  This will serve to draw the eyes of the viewer to that search result.  It may become true that first place rankings are no longer the most important search engine location.  Rather, those postings with recognizable, attractive photos of the authors will draw more eyes, and therefore more clicks.  A posting by a well-known thought leader in any given field will draw much more traffic than a posting by a random site, regardless of page rank.  Once businesses start to understand the power of these Google+ avatars showing up adjacent to the posts, they will start to understand the fundamental change that has occurred in the world of search engine optimization. Ways to boost your SEO with Google+ will be increasingly valued and sought out.

The changes brought about by Google+ are profound, but they are not all-encompassing.  Traditional SEO techniques will still have some place in a company’s SEO strategy.  Link building will still be important, and will continue to provide an additional boosting to websites.  However, ways to boost your SEO with Google+ should be considered seriously.  The Google+ platform is still being developed, so many additional changes could still occur.  For now, businesses should simply add this to their SEO portfolio, and make sure that their Google+ profile has been set up and their blogs have been linked.

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