Creating custom actions using Sharepoint Designer 2010 for Sharepoint online, Office 365

Shameem Ahmed 3 March 2012 1

This is a continuation of previous article:

Custom Actions lets to customize Sharepoint Ribbon UI, you can add your own buttons, groups & tabs to the Ribbon UI of sharepoint.  We cal also customize various context menus provided by Sharepoint.


We’re going to add a custom action to the context menu of the list that will launch the custom form we created in the previous article.

1. Open sharepoint designer 2010

2. Press Open Site and enter URL of your sharepoint site, you need to provide the credentials to connect to the site.

3. Select Lists and Libraries from Site Objects panel in the left

4. Click on the list name for which you want to add the custom form, in this case ResList1.

5. Select Custom Action for the list.

You can create the following custom actions

  1. List Item Menu – creates a new item in context menu
  2. Display Form Ribbon – creates a new ribbon button in display form
  3. Edit Form Ribbon – creates a new ribbon button in edit form
  4. New Form Ribbon – creates a new ribbon button in new form
  5. View Ribbon – creates a new ribbon button in views

6. Select List Item Menu from Custom Actions ribbon button.

7. Type Name for your custom action, in this case Restricted Edit

8. For type of action, select Navigate to form and select the custom form link created in earlier article.

9. Click OK to save changes.  Your screen should match the below image.


That’s it, save your changes in sharepoint designer 2010 and refresh your sharepoint site. You can see your custom action by selecting a list item and opening the context menu.

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