Managing Presentation Slides in Sharepoint online, Office 365

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Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 Slide Library lets you share slides from Microsoft PowerPoint or a compatible application. Slide libraries also provide special features for finding, managing, and reusing slides.

There are many advantages of using Slide libraries including:

  1. Create common reusable slides like Company profile, contact address etc.
  2. Share Slide libraries in a common location where everyone can access it
  3. Use Sharepoint list features like meta-data, views etc. to better manage Slide libraries.


In this walkthrough we will see how to create a Slide library in Sharepoint 2010 and add slides from Microsoft PowerPoint 2010. We’ll also see how to create presentations using the slides stored in Slide libraries.

1. Open sharepoint site where you want to create the Slide library.

2. Select Site Actions \ More Options

3. Select Slide Library from Type and enter name for your slide library, in this case Sales Presentation Slides.

4. Click Create to create the Slide library.

Add Slides from existing PowerPoint presentations.

1. Select Publish Slides from Upload menu.

2. Select the .ppt or .pptx file

3. List of slides will be displayed, select the slides that you want to upload and click Publish.

Selected slides will be added to the Slide library, Refresh if you don’t see the slides in slide library.

Creating presentations using slides in slide library.

1. Select Any of the slides in slide library

2. Click Copy Slide to Presentation

3. Select Copy to a new presentation and click OK

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