Vuept – effortlessly enables remote desktop visibility

cduke 21 March 2012 0
The globalisation of a work force can deliver substancial benefits; greater expertise, 24 hour support and lower costs. But how do you ensure they are actually working? Vuept (pronounced View Point) is a web based application that simply addresses that need.


The administrator creates accounts for remote workers, who are automatically emailed a piece of software, either Windows or Mac. After logging into this, a snapshot is taken of the desktop randomly during a 6 minute interval. The worker see the image, can add comments on activity and it is submitted to the administration.
It is not to intrusive as the same comment e.g. fixing a bug, could be applied to a complete series of snapshops.


The images and comments are then instantly uploaded for review by the administrator in an elegant slide show. An overview of all activity can be reviewed on a summary page.
The application is simple to use, inexpensive but could potentially save thousands every month on lost productivity.



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