JPEG Recovery – An Overview

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JPEG or JPG is an image compression technique developed by Joint Photographic Expert Group and the images which are compressed by using this technique generally have .JPEG or .JPG file extension. Since, JPEG uses lossy compression thus makes image files smaller than their original sizes which eventually take lesser space on the storage media. Thus, due to its small size, JPEG image file format is most commonly used in World Wide Web, email attachments, etc. However, despite of its high usage, there are times when we see that our JPEG image file gets corrupt, but today in this era of computers and technology, there are JPEG recovery

tools available by which we can easily repair the corrupt or damaged JPEG file.


JPEG (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Before understanding something about these JPEG recovery tools, let us know what exactly corrupts our JPEG file and how will we understand that our precious JPEG image file is corrupt?

Probable causes of JPEG image file corruption: Some of the common causes by which a JPEG image gets corrupt are:

  • JPEG file header corruption. The header of the JPEG image file gets corrupt sometimes when we transfer these image files over the network or when we remove the memory card from the camera while the camera is on

  • Generation of bad sectors in the hard disk on which the JPEG images are saved

  • Incomplete JPEG scan

  • Unknown or corrupt JPEG marker

  • Inappropriate JPEG image file structure

  • MBR (Master Boot Record) corruption, or MBT (Master Boot Table) corruption

  • Virus infected storage media

Symptoms of JPEG image file corruption: When a JPEG image file gets corrupt, it renders any of the below mentioned behaviors:

  • It gets divided into two or more parts

  • There is a part of another photo in between an image

  • Distortion in the pixels of the photo

  • The upper and lower portions of the image file are from different photos

Thus, if your JPEG image file is having any of the above mentioned symptoms then it is corrupt or damaged for sure. However, if you opt for reliable third-party JPEG recovery software then you can recover your precious image files. These tools repair corrupt or damaged JPEG image files despite of the reason of corruption.

One of the most efficient software for this category is Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair. The software has Do-It yourself user interface by which you can repair your corrupt image files which have JPEG or JPG file extension. This efficient software provides you the feature to repair and extract the thumbnails of the JPEG image files and shows the preview of the recoverable photos before saving them. The software is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP, and Windows Server 2008.


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