Creating a custom web page in Sharepoint 2010

Shameem Ahmed 26 April 2012 1

Sharepoint 2010 lets you create your own web pages without the knowledge of technical skills. You can visually create web pages easily by drag-drop content from sharepoint.

Pages can contain text, images, and wiki links, as well as lists and other web parts. Pages are useful for collaborating on small projects.


We’re going to create a Contact Us page in this article.

1. Go to your sharepoint home address.

2. Select Site Actions\ More options.

3. Select Page from category and enter name for your page, in this case Contact Us.

4. Click Create to create the Page.


Adding Text Layout to the Page

1. Select Site Pages from the Libraries

2. Select the Page you created (Contact Us)

3. Click on Edit to Customize the Page.

4. On the Menu context select Format Text.

5. Use Text Layout of Two columns with header.


Inserting Table and Picture

1. In Insert Menu context, we can Insert Table.

2. From the Insert menu click Picture to insert a picture.

Adding Links to the Page

1. On Insert menu click Link to add a Link of Webpage


2. Give your link Address to open the page.







3. Click Ok to create your link

4. Click on the Open in new tab check box, to open your link in new tab.




It’s easy to create web pages in Sharepoint 2010, no need of any technical knowledge. By drag-drop content from your Sharepoint site and visual tools like tables, links & images you can create compelling web pages.

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