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When you keep confidential data in your Windows system, you want to secure them with passwords. These passwords help you in protecting your personal or business critical documents from unwanted access. But sometimes it happens that you just can not remember your own Windows Admin/User password and all the data in the system becomes inaccessible.

There are many other passwords that users usually forget, such as auto-complete passwords, Windows password for FTP client applications, password of ‘Network’ application – ‘Remote Desktop’ etc. Stellar Phoenix Password recovery is a software that resets Windows Admin/User password and recovers all other passwords, which are saved on your local Windows system but can not be remembered.


About the Product –


Product Name: Stellar Phoenix Password Recovery
Version Reviewed: 2.0
Date Released: Oct, 2011
Developer: Stellar Information Systems Ltd.
Price: $39

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7, Vista, 2003, XP, 2000 and Servers (2000-2008)

Features –

  • Resets Windows Admin or User password
  • Recovers auto-complete passwords of web applications
  • Recovers Windows passwords for applications on FTP client
  • Recovers password for the Remote-desktop
  • Recovers license keys of MS Windows OS, Internet Explorer, MS Office Enterprise 2007, Microsoft Office Visio Professional 2007, Microsoft Office ( 2003, 2002 ), MS SQL Server ( 2000, 2005, 2008 ), MS Visual Studio ( 2008, 2005 )
  • Recovers license keys of WinZip application


Review –

In order to find out the actual capability of Stellar Phoenix Password Recovery, we planned to run the software on a Windows 7 machine used by a different person. Before running the software, the owner of the system told us that the Admin/User password set on the system is really tough to break.


Self-explanatory Main Interface – The main interface of the software is pretty simple with dedicated buttons for each feature. We found the buttons quite self-explanatory as the ‘Admin/User Password’ button is meant for resetting the forgotten Windows password to blank, the ‘Password Finder’ button is meant to find locally saved password and the ‘License Key Finder’ recovers the license keys of various installed applications. Moreover there are descriptions for each button which make options clear to the user.

Resets Admin/User Password Successfully – No doubt the software is efficient enough to remove whatever Admin/User password you have set. We have even tried it with 5 different combinations to cross-check and the software successfully reset it to blank every time.

Finds Passwords Quickly – The ‘Password Finder’ option of the software efficiently found passwords for websites, FTP client applications and network application-remote desktop. Importantly, we found that the software is pretty quick in its operations.

Efficiently Recovers License Keys of Applications – Yes, Stellar Password Recovery recovered the license keys of Windows OS and other installed applications, including MS Office Enterprise, Microsoft Office Visio Professional, Microsoft Office suite, MS SQL Server, MS Visual Studio and WinZip.

Pros –

The software successfully recovers the forgotten passwords and license keys as it promises. Along with fast recovery time the simple and interactive interface of the software gives users the ease of recovering their lost/forgotten Windows password.


Cons –

This is not a drawback but the limitation of the software is that it fails to recover the passwords if they are not saved locally. This means, if you have cleared all registry entries or disabled the option to remember passwords the software can not help you recover your passwords. Another point that may itch many users is that the software does not have any demo version.

Final Verdict –

The software is pretty efficient and with a price tag of just 39$ its worth its value.



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