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Favad Qaisar 17 May 2012 0

Microsoft Office 365 is a collection of the most used communications products and softwares on the cloud, hosted with the Office productivity solutions for businesses. It not only ensures that the users get an extremely productive but efficient experience across all platforms that include browser, phone and PC. Office 365 primarily includes Exchange Server, SharePoint Online and Lync Server.
Among all these, the most significant one is SharePoint online which lets you take full advantage of cloud computing. SharePoint Online is a true multi-tenant system, and although it has been designed in this manner, not all capabilities perform well in multi-tenancy environments. SharePoint online allows 20 000 users and allows a tenant size of 5 terabytes. One tenant can hold upto 300 sites and each site collection has a storage quota of around 100 gigabytes. These figures are significant even though SharePoint online is a cut down version of the full SharePoint 2010 product. This suits the users since it only provides the functionality that the majority of the customers actually require from the entire functionality set that Microsoft has incorporated in the complete integral version of SharePoint.
Exploring the workloads that are available for SharePoint Online won’t be a bad idea at this stage. Creating a great search experience for end users is as important as creating an easy-to-understand site structure. SharePoint Online supports searches across all online site collections, including My Sites and User profile information. Talking about sites, when implementing SharePoint Online as an Intranet environment, all basic functionality is provided. Users can communicate information about the organization and leverage publishing workflows that are available to manage approval of content before it is visible to all business users. SharePoint Online is perfect for hosting Team Sites. Team Site functionality is largely the same in comparison to a local SharePoint environment.
Team Sites are used to enable groups of people to share information and work together regarding a specific subject. Lastly the public facing websites offered by SharePoint Online are a very limited subset of the on-premise equivalent. The workload ‘communities’ is used to describe MySite functionality, Blogs, Wikis, and content tagging. All these functionalities are provided by SharePoint Online. One of the most powerful aspects of SharePoint is the ability for end users to create their own business process solutions. These solutions can automate entire business processes or be implemented to support specific tasks. SharePoint Online supports all end user customizability options that are supported using the browser. For example, you can create custom lists, connect and enforce list relationships with lookup columns, create pages and add web parts to them.
SharePoint Online will provide a great add-on to most SharePoint deployments. It allows all sorts of new scenarios that might not have been considered in an on-premise environment. So there are innumerable offerings that make SharePoint online a good cloud product.

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