Creating a custom Web Part page in Sharepoint 2010

Shameem Ahmed 19 May 2012 1

Web Part pages in sharepoint let you create layout pages where multiple web parts can be placed in uniform way and create nice layout pages.  These layout pages can be used to create dashboard and summary pages that display contents from various sharepoint items like libraries, lists, calendars, tasks etc.

Web Part pages contain Web Parts that display list data, information, graphics, or rich media in a dynamic Web page. The layout and content of a Web Part page can be set for all users and optionally personalized for individual users.


An Administrator of a Company wants to maintain all sharepoint information in one place, to help the administrator sharepoint has an option called Web Part Page.

We’re going to create a Dashboard page in this article to illustrate the Web Part page.

1. Go to your sharepoint home address.

2. Select Site Actions\ More options.

3. Select Web Part Page from category and click Create to create.


4. After clicking Create, Web Part Page opens to edit it.

5. Give Name as Dashboard in this case.

6. Choose a Layout Template to layout the page, after choosing layout click Create to create the page.


7. The Page we created contains layout of one header, three columns and footer.


8. When the page is created the header, columns and the footer to each has their own web parts.


Adding Web Parts to the Page

1. Click Add a Web Part on the header column.

2. Select Content Editor and click Add to create the web part in the page.


3. Click Add a web part on the left column.

4. Select Documents from Lists to have the document in left column.

5. Here Admin can maintain his/her Documents.


6. Click Add a web part on the middle column.

7. Select My Task from lists to have task in middle column.

8. My Task is to maintain their own task in the Page.


9. Click Add a web part on the right column.

10. Select Timesheet from the list.


11. After finishing editing web parts click on Stop Editing.


After clicking on Stop Editing the Web Part Page opens and viewed.



Web Part is a Microsoft .net technology; developers can create custom web parts in Visual Studio development tools and use it in sharepoint.

Sharepoint Web Part pages can be used to easily create dashboard and summary pages. End users can access all related information in a single page and work with the items in a single location.


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