Using Document Versioning in Sharepoint 2010 / 365

Shameem Ahmed 1 June 2012 0

Versioning let you manage many versions of the same document in a document library in. This feature can be used in a team environment where multiple personals will be working on the same document like project proposal, meeting agenda etc. and each one can maintain their own version and can also work with other versions at the same time.


Versioning is not on by default, you need to enable versioning while creating the document library or enable versioning by selecting Library Settings and enable versioning.


Once versioning is enabled, Check-in/Check-out also can be enabled on the document library for better managing the editing of versioned documents by various users.


We’re going to create a Document library in this article to illustrate Versioning.


1. Go to your sharepoint home site.


2. Select Site Actions/New Document Library.

3. Name the library as Project Documents.


4. Select the Document Version History option.


5. Press Create button to create the Document library.

6. When the library is created you can add your document for your project by just clicking Add document.

7. Choose file to upload the document and click ok to finish the upload.

8. After uploading the file, Check Out the file for editing.

9. Click the file for editing, after editing save the file and check in the file to commit your changes.


10. To see the changes made by other users click on Version History.

11. We can select and view the changes made by the users in version history.


12. You can also delete a particular version of document or delete all versions to save space of the system.

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