Choosing the Best Wireless Router for a Stress-Free Wireless Internet

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               In this article, you will learn to master the art of choosing the best wireless router to use in order to gain wireless internet in your household, office, or any business. From what to buy and what specifications to consider, you’ll surely not make the wrong decision!

Bye bye wires?

Wireless internet is getting more and more abundant nowadays because of various reasons. One of the main reasons is because the technological advancement given by different companies paved way to the popularity of wireless internet. Gone are the days where people can only access the internet on their bulky personal computers at home.

Another reason is the mobility of this wireless internet. Times are changing and people tend to be always on the go thus they try to find things that can cater to the lifestyle they live. Wireless internet definitely can keep up to their lifestyle for the mobility and accessibility it gives to its subscribers makes their live somehow a breeze.

On top of that, several wireless devices have sprung up from companies. Laptops, PDAs, tablets, and even phones with built-in wireless internet detector are available in the market at almost reasonable prices.

Why is wireless internet so popular right now, if you may ask? It’s because of the freedom to connect anywhere and anytime. It’s really more efficient to connect to the internet through a wireless device without thinking about the frills of wires and cables on your way.

Search for the Best Router

Before  you consider going wireless in your homes, you should buy a wireless router first. A wireless router is a device that transmits the internet connection from your line to signals that can be accessed by your device. This is the WiFi. This enables you to bring your laptop anywhere and connect to the internet as long as you access a WiFi connection.

You may think every wireless router is the same because of the way it’s advertise but technically, it’s different. Here are some things you need to consider in choosing a wireless router:

  • Choose your router not just by speed but also by the maximum area it can cover.
  • The capacity your router can carry should be equal also or near the rate of your DSL connection. What is the use of having a 200mbps router if your connection is only down to 1mbps? You’ll definitely be wasting a lot of money.
  • Take note of the wireless standards:
    • 802.11b  – Only supports a maximum of 2mpbs network bandwidth and has a 2.4GHz frequency.
    • 802.11a –  Only supports a maximum of 54Mbps network bandwidth and has a 5GHz frequency.
    • 802.11g –  Supports a maximum of 54Mbps of network bandwidth and has a 2.4GHz frequency to support greater range.
    • 802.11n – Latest addition and is better than the previous three standards but is pricier.
    • See to it that the wireless router you’re going to buy for your wireless internet can withstand interference in the form of walls and other big stuff that may come in between the wireless device and the router.
    • Make sure that it can stand being maximized in the form of transmit power for wider and greater range.

With all of these in hand, you can now choose the best router to fit your standards and lifestyle. Accessing the internet will be a breeze from now own since you can do so anywhere in the house. You can now chat, stream, or even download stuff from the internet on your laptop or on any wireless device without any problem!

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