Lync and SharePoint Integration

Favad Qaisar 14 June 2012 0

Lync 2010 and SharePoint integration provides a rich experience for users by allowing them to take advantage of specific SharePoint features from within the Lync 2010 client.  All SharePoint integration features use Lync 2010 settings and out-of-the-box SharePoint capabilities. No special configuration is required within the Lync Server 2010 infrastructure or to SharePoint servers. Integrating SharePoint with Lync has its own advantages. It provides you the following feature set:

  • Presence within SharePoint site collections
  • Skill search (by using the Skill view, in Lync search results, to search Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 My Site pages for people with specific skills or expertise)
  • SharePoint pictures displayed in Lync 2010
  • Export meeting recordings to SharePoint asset libraries

Talking about Online presence, as apparent from the name itself, it shows whether the desired person is online or offline so it basically displays their availability status. If one finds the person online, he/she can access them through an instant messaging client by clicking on their availability status bar. Not only this but it also allows you to call that person and send or receive emails from him. This status is displayed through the ActiveX control which is installed on Microsoft Office. This control after verifying the email address of the client directs a query to the presence server to find out the present availability status of that specific client. It does not retain the state of any of the client’s infact it just acts as an initiator which just sends a query at that particular email id.

Next in line are the colleague suggestions for use in My Sites, My Profiles and People Search. Outlook and Lync both provide colleague suggestions. Just like facebook, colleague suggestions are used to compute the ordering of the search results based on these parameters in order to ensure the most desired results. Ones Colleague list starts with their manager, anyone who reports to their manager, and their direct reports. They can remove any of these names and add any name from their company’s directory. One can also manage their colleagues by organizing them into groups and manage their public profile display settings. The SharePoint servers Colleague add on in Microsoft Outlook checks user’s sent items folder every 5 days and updates the user’s profile accordingly. All this information is stored on the user’s local computer system.

Lastly there is direct integration of Lync client with SharePoint. Lync policy allows you to use the skill view in Lync search results to search Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 My Site pages to find people with skills that you are looking for.

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