What good can Microsoft CRM Online do for SMB

Favad Qaisar 15 June 2012 1

Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) in its simplest form can even be an excel sheet. The concept behind it is to keep a record of your customers and the services that you provide them. The purpose behind it is to ensure that top notch post product sale customer support and services are provided. Talking about the tools, a lot of sophisticated tools are available for integrating your marketing and sales processes.
Talking about small and medium businesses (SMB), CRM can do a lot of good for them in a variety of different ways. Microsoft Outlook 2010 with Business Contact Manager (BCM) is a CRM tool for small business owners because business owners can use it to keep track of sales and leads, campaign successes and customer regional distributional flow charts.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives the staff members of SMBs to develop faster and more efficient ways of increasing their sales and increasing their customer base as a whole with upto the mark marketing techniques. For most of the SMBs it is not economically feasible to deploy an in-house system for which separate administrative resources are required too. Dynamics CRM provides a cloud based solution which they can start availing right away by choosing a simple monthly tariff plan. In short with Dynamic CRM one can improve its company’s planning and sales management, automate your current system (a trivial one though), manage business opportunities that emerge with time in a better manner, separately monitor and manage accounts, enhance sales productivity, simplify work process flows, and improve pipeline management.


The other usability advantage that it brings for the management staff is that they are able to enhance their sales and productivity (which in SMBs is not something of small value since these business are already stretched out and there isn’t much room for enhancement) while using the tools that they are already well familiar with! Business Contact Manager for Outlook is an add-on to Outlook, so small business owners can use Outlook 2010 to store their personal information and handle their calendars. Same is the case with Office Professional Plus 2010. It permits web based collaboration which is an important feature as multiple users can edit the same Excel spreadsheet. It also allows brainstorm sessions, data updates and PowerPoint presentation creation without the need of all the resources being in the same room for this purpose. It also improves your email and manages your conversations in a more efficient manner. Office Plus also saves time by providing a single click with the help of unified communication technology and live document sharing within Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Moreover all this is possible without any switching of applications.



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