Why Microsoft should takeover Yammer?

Mellisa 18 June 2012 0

Social networking sites have been an influence all over the world. Numerous sites like Facebook, twitter, Linkedin, MySpace, Google+, and Yammer etc. have played a significant role in developing social platforms. Now if we talk about the current affair of the giant social networking site Yammer, it is planning to be overtaken by Microsoft for more than $1 billion. Yammer offers its service for free except its premium service. Yammer was commencing in 2008. Yammer’s Web-based software allows employees to work mutually on projects and share information in an environment that seems more like Facebook than Microsoft Office.

Yammer has raised fund of $142 million. It is utilized for personal communication within organizations or between organizational members. The service was utilized by more than 3 million users and 200000 companies worldwide which is an 80% part of Fortune 500 companies. Yammer has features like Files and photo attachments, happenings, polls, robust messaging service, twitter integration, social bookmarking, IP address restriction etc. Its premium service includes security tools, data export, keyword check, directory incorporation, and customization.

The acquisition of Yammer will add social features to Microsoft. Microsoft has some weakness in office solution through heavy rivalry against Google’s low cost alternatives software in developing documents, presentation and spreadsheets. Microsoft has a weak stage in social networking but if Yammer obtain then Microsoft will become a hefty competitor against the rest of the social networking sites. Microsoft’s version office 365 can be integrated with Yammer in case of exchange, Lync, share point and office. Yammer has similarities to facebook and twitter’s workplace setting and functionality.

If the acquisition is done then it will be a giant leap of Microsoft in the world of social networking. It will also boost the branding of Microsoft and its profit ratio because Yammer’s users are aligned from small to giant corporate including Fortune 500 companies.


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