Using Calendar overlays in Sharepoint 2010

Shameem Ahmed 23 July 2012 1

Calendar Overlays is used to manage many calendars into one master calendar. Up to 10 calendars can be managed in a single calendar overlay and each calendar can have its own color to differentiate from other calendar entries.

Starting with the Calendar

1. Open Sharepoint site.

2. Select more options from site actions, select Calendar from list and name it.


3. We can create each calendar for different tracking purposes such as meetings, events, collaborations, etc.

4. When we create many calendars in sharepoint, the Calendar in view will list all of the calendars to us as shown below.

Starting with Calendar overlays

5. Click on Calendars Overlay from Calendar tools ribbon.

6. Click on new calendar under a master calendar.

7. For each calendar, give already created calendar name, and select colors for it. Then click resolve, and check the always show check box and click Ok.

8. Click a calendar in Calendars in View, the specified calendar will open as a blank calendar; go to a date and click on Add to add an event.

9. When the master calendar is clicked we can view all organized events in a one calendar with ease.

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