Using Survey template in sharepoint – Part I

Shameem Ahmed 28 July 2012 1

A Survey is a list of questions which would have people to answer it. In Survey templates questions are quickly created with their choices and could view graphical summaries of surveys response.

Sharepoint Survey is a fast way to accomplish the questions and answer, survey is used to quickly gather data or opinion from a group.

In Part I we’ll learn how to create Survey.

Creating Survey in Sharepoint 2010

1. Open your Sharepoint site.

2. Click more option from site actions, and create Survey from it.


3. When the Survey is created it prompts to create questions. There are different types of questions like Yes/No, multi-choice, simple text etc.


4. After typing the question we can select the type of answer for the Question.


5. We can specify a detailed answer from the options below. In this we can enter our own choices and can manage the display of choice.


6. After specifying detailed answer we can continue by clicking Next Question for another Question, or can finish by clicking Finish the survey. image

7. Once the Survey is created, users can respond to the survey by opening the link to the survey.




As you have seen, it’s easy to create and manage surveys in sharepoint; we’ll continue this topic in our next article where we’ll see more options to manage surveys.






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