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Coming to Office Professional Plus, it gives you a complete, enterprise-class Office experience and ensures that the latest versions of all Office desktop apps are available to you. These apps include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, OneNote, Access, SharePoint Workspace, InfoPath and Lync. With Office Professional Plus, users get up-to-date version of all the above mentioned apps, and easily build themselves a social network for their organization which allows them to remain 24/7 in contact with their customers via voice and video. All these apps are seamlessly connected together and deliver with cloud services, allowing users get to access all their information (documents, email, calendars and etc.) from virtually any device around the world.
Let’s dive deeper into its features and see how it can attract an IT pro. Office Pro Plus provides its user with a rich Office experience on any Windows 7 or newer PC, and instead of following devices of each user it now follows the user directly via devices i.e. it’s connected to its user at all times. Any file saved under personalized settings via one PC, can be accessed with the same settings via different PC, means user need not to worry about re-personalizing the settings while using any new device. Once user is signed into Office, it instantly links him up to his files, settings, personalization and even points to the line the user was reading in a document during his last session, and that all is done regardless of the device being used. So, basically without requiring any expertise, everything is automatically being saved into clouds instead of individual PC’s.
Other than the cloudy effect, what else has Office 365 ProPlus got which will push a user to go ahead and buy it?
1) It’s easy to deploy? No! It’s the easiest to deploy – no special IT skills required. It does not even require uninstalling your existing Office apps.
2) Provides a rich and fancy online sharing feature. Eg#1 User can create Word docs and PowerPoint presentations online with others in real time. Eg#2 User can share PowerPoint files with anyone even if their PC/device doesn’t have PowerPoint.
3) Lets you explore, visualize and analyze your data in exciting new ways, with using just one click in Excel.
The Office Professional Plus is pay-as-you-go service with a monthly subscription i.e. customers can purchase monthly licenses for their users allowing each user to create up to 25 user accounts with five parallel installations. Office Professional Plus, using internet, verifies a user’s subscription status repeatedly. If user’s subscription turns out to be valid, he is automatically granted another 30 days. In the opposite scenario a grace period of 30 days is given during which Office Professional Plus keeps checking the subscription verification every 24 hours. In case the 30 days limit ends and still no verification is received, Office Professional Plus enters Reduced Functionality Mode (RFM), also sometimes called Read Only Mode.


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