What good is Microsoft Windows Storage Server Essentials?

Favad Qaisar 12 August 2012 0

Windows Storage
Server 2008 R2 Essentials has been introduced as the newest member of WSS
family. Main target of it is to provide small home based office
infrastructure with increased services in reduced costs.

With WSS Essentials in the picture, people owning small businesses
facing increasing number of challenges on day to day basis with their growing storage
demands can easily be catered for. WSS Essentials help small businesses to grow
by letting them store, share and protect their data without emptying their bank
accounts i.e. by providing a very cost effective solution as well as a very friendly
user interface.

An important aspect to be kept in mind is that it is not available
through all channels but via specialized OEM’s only. Hence a good news for OEM partners because using WSS Essentials they can build
NAS appliances which in turn is a good news for small business owners because
it’ll help them keep their important data automatically backed up, protected,
organized and accessible from virtually anywhere

Windows Storage Server 2008 R2
Essentials provides small businesses owners with the following features:

Backup and Recovery – Easy Peasy

WSS Essentials helps in keeping
business data protected by providing automatic daily backup for up to 25 client
computers either PCs or Mac. With an easy to use interface backup and recovery
procedures of either individual files or folders
or entire client computer or even the entire WSS Essentials device are
no more a big deal and can be easily done without requiring specialized IT

Management Dashboard

WSS Essentials comes with a
dashboard which provides real time updates and help manage, monitor and
maintain the health of the server, and client PCs.


The ready to go,
quick and painless set up process allows the user to install and integrate WSS
Essentials it into his office network like a pro. All that is needed is to plug
in power and Ethernet. The Dashboard is there to give guidelines on how to add
users, set up data access, create shared folders and schedule backups.

Remote Access

All that’s required is hooking up
with an internet connection and complete business data can be found just a few
clicks away. No matter how far away user is from his business network, he can
access his data securely from virtually anywhere on the globe using a normal
browser on any device. WSS ensues that all the data is securely stored in one
place and can be easily and safely accessed.


Windows Storage Server Essentials
devices get a great deal of help from add-ins in order to extend the storage
and file capabilities in the areas of security, data protection, management and

WSS Essentials can be used in two ways, either as
a new server for centralized storage or as an additional storage capacity. Overall
look and features of SBS 2011, WHS 2011 and WSS 2008 seems to be pretty much
alike. Question, ‘where lies the difference?’ may easily rise.  Answer to this and to remember is, WSS
Essentials Users limit – 25; Domain member – yes; Domain controller – blocked;
Media Access and Remote Sharing – allowed.

All in all it’s a good run for money, and the most interesting
feature of the product is that it can support up to 19 languages.



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