A Sneak Preview of Cloud Computing in 2020

Shameem Ahmed 16 August 2012 0

Because cloud computing is still in its early state, we can expect a few organizations taking advantage of being the first ones to take advantage of it. However, it is expected that by 2020 a lot of organizations are already in the clouds. Since is just around the corner, Forrester, an analyst group, says that the cloud computing industry will be worth around $150 billion by 2020, up by $115 billion from 2011. There will also be a great demand from business organizations as well as an increase in technology developments which will support cloud computing. Processing power will also experience a rapid increase which will eventually reduce the price of cloud computing projects. It is also expected that supercomputing will experience a big boom by 2020. On the organization level, a new breed of Chief Information Officers will emerge as they will take charge of cloud computing directions on an enterprise scale.

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