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Favad Qaisar 27 August 2012 0

With the release of metro version, a lot of us are wondering how to switch over to and what would be its pros and cons. Well here is what Microsoft has to say about this “When you rename your email address, your new ID works just like your old one. Your new mail will go
to your inbox, and you can choose to keep your old mail in a separate folder.”

All of your other Microsoft account info—like contacts, photos and Office docs on SkyDrive—will also switch to your new address within a few days. Once you have switched over to the UI (which is very simple, all you have to do is login with your current hotmail credentials
on you just have to follow these steps to change your hotmail
address to

Tap the settings button which is found in the
top right corner of your screen

In the drop down menu select more mail settings

A list of options will appear, select “Rename
your email address” from those colums

On the next screen you can type your email
address but from the dropdown select it to be an account (of course
you might have to repeat this process until you find an available address)

After this is done, it will take you to the next
screen which would prompt you to login with your new credentials
(this is just a security check)

Now that you have logged in, you will have the
option to send emails sent to your old Hotmail address into the Inbox or
a separate folder. (it might be your last chance to restore
your old email to this account)

When you click done you will be taken to your new mailbox. If you click the folder
tree, you’ll see the folder for your old emails, if you click inbox again
you’ll notice that the first email in that folder is from Microsoft intimating
you that everything is complete regarding the transition.

All these changes would also be applicable on other services like zune and windows market place, so you’ll have to log on with your new address there too! Also you can delete your old hotmail address by going into account settings and then notifications, there you would find an option manage
email preferences (this is where you can delete your old address). According to Microsoft there are a lot of advantage of switching from gmail to because it has a Clean UI, design for tablets and all devices, connected with the services you actually use (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn), works great with [Microsoft] Office and SkyDrive, and actually prioritizes your privacy”.

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