How to connect tenor AX to Lync Server

Favad Qaisar 30 August 2012 2

You need to connect your tenor AX to your workstation’s port through the RS-232 connection which is nothing but the name of the connection that you make using the DB9 cable (like the one that comes out of the monitor and goes into the graphics card). You need to insert the male end (the one from which a bunch of pins are coming out) into the port labeled “console” on your tenor AX and insert the female end (the one with holes in it) into the serial port in your workstation.

Now connect the power cord to a plug and turn on the switch on the back side of the device. Now to configure the terminal software, you need to assign an IP address to your tenor otherwise you or the customer won’t be able to send and receive data to or from the unit. As we know that communication between the tenor AX and your PC is based on the RS-232 connection that we made beforehand and the terminal emulator software. In order to reconfigure the IP address of the tenor, you need to follw the following steps.

  1. Turn on the power switch on the backside of tenor AX
  2. On your PC desktop go to Start> Programs> Accessories> Communications>HyperTerminal> Run. The Connection Description window will be displayed.
  3. Enter a connection name of your choice (should be meaningful because it is easy to remember then)
  4. Now click the ok button
  5. Choose the serial port on your PC from the Connect Using drop down list box (i.e. Direct to Com 1). Click Ok and the Com1 Properties window will be displayed on your desktop.
  6. In the bits per second dropdown list choose 38400.
  7. In the data bits dropdown select 8.
  8. In the parity dropdown select none.
  9. In the stop bits dropdown select 1.
  10. In the flow control dropdown again select none.
  11. Click ok and the connection will be established to the tenor.
  12. Enter the login and password which are both admin by default.
  13. A message will appear on the screen. Type ‘y’ in it.
  14. Now enter the IP address for the tenor device.
  15. Next is the subnet mask. Enter that.
  16. For default gateway choose whether there should be a default gateway for internet connectivity and then enter its IP address.
  17. A message will appear on the screen and the tenor will restart using these new Ethernet settings. This would show that the IP is reconfigured successfully.

Tenor to Phone device Connection

In order to connect the tenor to your phone device, plug in one end of the 50 pin telco cable into the port labeled phone/FXS on your tenor device. Now you can either connect the other end of the cable to an appropriate port on a PBX device or another intermediate device like a break out box.

Line to Tenor device Connection

Now to connect the line/FXO port on the tenor device, plug in one end of the other 50 pin telco cable into the port labeled Line/FXO on the device and the other end into the networking device which you are using (it could be a patch panel or a punch down block to which the telephone lines are plugged in).

LAN Cable Connection

Lastly to connect the Ethernet or LAN cable, plug in one end of the Ethernet cable (the one which looks like a telephone line cable but is only larger) into the port labeled LAN on the tenor device and the other into the Ethernet hub or switch ports (whichever you are using).

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  1. Arash Mehrabpour 13 September 2012 at 9:08 am - Reply

    Hi ,

    would you please clearfy that TENOR AXT 2400 is also working with Lync Server ? can i place or receve my call on Lync Server with this device as Gateway ?

    please let me know any informaiton on this subject

  2. Favad Qaisar 13 September 2012 at 6:20 pm - Reply

    Although I haven’t used this model, but you should pretty much be able to. If you login to Tenor portal, you should look for UC firmware, if you can find it for your device, you should surely be able to hook it up with Lync Server as a Gateway.

    Thank You

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