Using Project Web Database in Sharepoint – Part II

Shameem Ahmed 3 September 2012 0

This is the continuation of Using Project Web Database in Sharepoint – Part I, in this article we will discuss about how to manage Web databases and projects.

Managing Project web database in Sharepoint

1. Open the project web database created in the Previous article.

2. Click on ID to edit project details.

3. After updating project details click on Save & New for creating new project or Save & Close to close the project window.

4. View completed projects in Closed Project tab.

5. Click on Tasks link to work with project tasks.

6. Click on ID to Update the Task details.

7. Click on Report Center to view project reports.

8. To open report click Open in Access from Options.

9. Report Center provides project reports like Project Tasks, Project History etc.



Sharepoint makes it easy to create and manage Projects across the company. We can create new Projects, Tasks and assign Tasks for each user or for each team/department. Project Report Center provides comprehensive reporting for project details.

In addition, Sharepoint provides tools like Email notification, Alerts, RSS and MS Access integration to work with your Project Web Databases.

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