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Cisco NetFlow – a technology for monitoring network’s bandwidth and traffic analysis.  Many windows and linux based softwares have been introduced which uses Cisco NetFlow technology to examine bandwidth and traffic called Cisco NetFlow Analyzers. The software repeatedly captures and evaluate traffic data of network which makes it easy peasy to determine where the congestion is occurring and why the network is slow. In lay man’s term NetFlow Analyze basically helps you to figure out speed issues in the network. To make things sound even more simpler let us take an example of a scenario in which you go through the frustration of trying to figure out which workstation is eating your bandwidth with torrent downloads, no more worries because NetFlow is at your service.  The only problem now arises is which one software to pick when there are so many available in the market! The good news is that some of them are for free, but.. (there’s always a but) they are either time-limited or feature-limited versions of the original softwares. Let’s go through our list of favorite five free tools available.


  • Scrutinizer NetFlow Analyzer produced by Plixer International.
     Unlimited interfaces allowed.
    Comprehensive but heavy, 322 MB in size. Probably because it included many tutorial videos on how to start .
    Limited 24 hour provision of data.


  • ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer Professional
    Provides detailed source destination and ports related data.
    Detects application.
    Unlimited interfaces allowed, but for only first 30 days, then only 2 interfaces


  • SolarWinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer
    Provides data fully sorted and charted in helpful ways.
    Monitors single interface.
    60 minutes data provision.


  • Paessler PRTG
    PRTG is a full network analyzing system whose free version includes a NetFlow sensor, in addition to many other features like reporting, alarming, and SNMP monitoring.
    Limited to 10 sensors.


  • ntop
    NetFlow analyzer as well as a packet capture product.
    Not easy to get it up and running.
    Presents data in a simple clean way but not in visually appealing and in colored charts as others.


There is no first or last in this list. Your choice may differ based on your requirements and demands.  After trying out all these products, we were impressed by each and every one. If you’re looking for a way to supervise your bandwidth more resourcefully, then allow NetFlow on your network and download one of these analyzers. It’s worth it even if only you want to sneak a quick look into what kind of data is flowing over your network. Enjoy.



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