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Do you know how annoying it is when you are firing off text messages to your friends and loved ones, and you feel you suddenly can’t reply because you know you are getting low on text credit? Well, now there is a simple solution in SMS Sheep, a website that is so simple to use and astonishingly free of charge. I tried SMS Sheep out for myself and found that is really was so simple, I was asking myself, what’s the catch?

Well, as far as I could see the website has no catch. You simply log in and select the country of the mobile phone you are sending to. There is a huge drop down list that appeared to show just about every country on the globe. If you want to send a free SMS then SMS Sheep is a website you have to visit. Once you have selected your country, or rather the country of the recipient text, you will notice the field which holds the mobile phone number (of the recipient) automatically updates with the country code.

SMS Sheep is based in the US so it needs to know the country code of where you are sending your text message or free SMS to. I selected UK and immediately the field updated with the country code, which is +44. The next task is to drop the leading zero from your phone number (the number of your recipient). So, if you have a number that looks like 07900 123456 and the number is in the UK then you would enter it as +447900 123456. The leading country code (+44 in this case) is automatically entered for you at the point when you select the receiving country.

The next step is to write your text message. Sending a free SMS  has never been so simple. There is no need to register on the site or open up with some sort of account demanding a username and password. There is certainly no need to input anything when you send a free SMS with SMS Sheep. Once you have entered the country and the number of the mobile phone you wish to send to, you are ready to enter your text.

The character limit is 160 so condense what you wish to say within that space. Remember to sign it off with your name too as the receiver of your text message will not see a recognized number. Apart from that, enjoy your free SMS at SMS Sheep



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