Top Ways You Can Be More Productive with Google Drive

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This year, the search engine giant has finally launched Google Drive, which now serves as its primary cloud host site as well as being the new home to Google Docs. Whatever the nature of your work or business is, the time you spend online will likely be more productive once you make use of Google Docs.


Automatic integration with Google+ and Gmail

Thanks to Google Drive’s automatic integration with other services from the search engine giant, you get to enjoy a one-stop site to access all your files in Google. Attachments in Gmail and uploads to Google Docs will both be accessible in Google Drive.

Enhanced search functionality

What else can you expect from the world’s largest and most powerful search engine firm? Optimal character recognition is one of the best features offered by Google Drives. With this technique, your search queries will even be able to read text from photos and other types of files.

Improved file access

In the past, you literally had to load different versions of your software or operating system in order to open certain types of file. In some cases, you need to buy a new software program just to access a file. Unfortunately, doing so would be impractical if you only need to use the program once.

With Google Drive, those problems are no longer your concern. Google Drive is capable of opening any type of file, regardless as to whether it is an old version of a Word document or a file you saved using Adobe Photoshop. Even better, Google Drive allows you to read all types of files no matter if you are using a smartphone or tablet.

Available as an application

Aside from versions designed specifically for Mac and PC users, Google Drive is also available as an application for devices operating on iOS as well as Android. You can download the application from the Chrome web store. As an application, Google Drive offers quick and convenient access to uploaded files online, create new files, save files in new locations, and share files stored in Google Drive.

Instant update for attachments

One of the unique but infinitely helpful features offered by Google Drive is the ability to update attachments you have sent out by email. Just make sure that you send your recipients a Google Drive link. The link will immediately direct recipients to the latest version of the file you have uploaded.

Real-time edits

Last but not the least, Google Drive enables users to undo changes they have made to their files up to thirty days. To make a revision, simply access one of the older versions of the file you have uploaded to Google Drive.

Google Drive offers 5GB of cloud storage for free to all Google account users. A basic upgrade will give you access to a maximum of 25GB of cloud storage for no more than $2.50 per month. Keep in mind that you need Internet access for Google Drive. As such, remember to speak with a broadband expert to ensure you can go online and manage your files in Google Drive whenever necessary.

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