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The awaited iPhone 5 has finally been released last Friday morning, the 21st of September 2012. First countries around the world to sell the new Apple device have been: Australia, Singapore, Germany and the United States. Long queues in front of Apple sellers have anticipated its release; the longest man in line seem to have been the young Australian Todd Foot who waited 3 days in front of a shop in Sydney (the iPhone 5 was purchased on behalf of MobilePhoneFinder.com.au a company providing service comparison for phones). Though, many are the people that have waited as long as 30 hours to be the first purchasers of the iPhone 5.

Regardless of the many criticism, mostly due to Apple´s policy decisions, the new iPhone seem to have enjoyed a positive response. Many the diversified new features, among some: a larger screen with thinner and lighter design compared to the iPhone 4S, a new and way faster processor, an enhanced camera system, new earphones ´design, a new and smaller dock connector and a longer-life battery.

The new Design

The iPhone 5 is quite taller (4.87 inches compared to the iPhone 4S´4.5 inches) and lighter (3.95 ounces vs. 4.9 of the previous version). The phone is 18 percent thinner with 12 percent less in volume.

Visible changes include the back of the phone, which is now composed of a one-piece-aluminium that substitutes the glass of the iPhone 4S and protects the sides, making the new structure stronger and more durable that its predecessor.


4 inch retina displa


The screen is also larger with a 0.5-inch increase from the “old” iPhone 4S. The new display includes now a landscape-oriented video (thus, better movies´ view) and it makes up space for more documents and an entire new row of icons and apps above the main keyboard. This enables less-intrusive pop-up notification with a new add-on feature for which it is possible not to be disturbed by incoming phone calls and messages while watching videos or using apps. Furthermore, the new screen has a 1136-by-640 resolution (versus the old 960-by-640) with 18 percent more pixels for an improved colour saturation.

Faster Performance 

The new A6 chip is more powerful, resulting in enhanced performance and better graphics. The result is a twice as fast processor: Apple has stated that apps and pages loads “almost instantly” and the A6 chip is around 22 percent smaller than the A5 processor.

The new iOS provides a wide range of new features, including new siri, maps, music, face time, messages, safari, air play, game center, shared photo system, facebook, and the new passbook feature: a digital-wallet that stores a great number of documents such as gift vouchers and gift cards, boarding passes, tickets and so on.

New Siri

The new Siri has taken it to the next level: it is now a sort of vocal “virtual-assistant”. You ask, and she figures out what kind of app to use. Want to call your cousin? Need to find the closest Thai restaurant? Do you want to book a table? Check the football scores? Read a film´s review? Siri is now able to help you with all this and much more!


Apple Map

Probably the greatest switch in the new iPhone has been the Apple´s step away from Google.

Apple has now made its own new Maps with new graphics, flyover view and vocal directions. Apparently the new Apple´s map can inform users on traffic information and possible detours to avoid getting stuck in the jam.

According to new iPhone 5 purchasers, the Apple map has raised the larger discontent, as it seems to be yet, not very reliable and precise as many would have expected.

iSight Camera

Apple is keeping the same number of megapixel as before (8), the same hybrid IR filter and the same f/2.4 aperture as in the previous version. New are the five-element sapphire crystal lens and a lower light mode, which helps in making better pictures in low-light environments. Further enhancements include a 40 percent faster performance compare to the iPhone 4s´camera and a quite increased reduction of the noise.



The Panorama feature is the biggest new entry of the iPhone 5 iSight camera. This new feature, already existing in other androids ‘systems, is more advanced in use. The Panorama camera is very intuitive in use: while taking pictures now you can be free to move around and keep shooting. When the shooting is completed, the software stitches together the different pictures creating your panorama picture distortions-free.


Apple has also changed its earphones´ design, which is supposed to be more comfortable for the ears. The choice apparently has been made after testing 124 prototypes on over 600 people.

The selected type, which is now called Earpods, is more stable on the ear (also when running) and should be more durable compared to the previous model.



Changes are seen also in the phone charger. The new one has quite a fancy name: the Lightening Connector. It is smaller, lighter and “reversible” (can be plugged in from both sides). Apple has stated that will switch to the new charger all the Apples ´products. For those users that will possess an iphone 5 but an older model of iPad or Mac, an adaptor can be bought separately.


Battery Life

The battery has also been enhanced: it now lasts for 8 hours (2 hours more than before) when browsing online and has a life of 225 when in standby, compared to the 200 with the iPhone 4S.

As a part of the new design and improved performance, the new iPhone 5 is now equipped with a new and smaller type of SIM-card: the Nano-SIM as opposed to the iPhone 4s Micro-SIM. Unfortunately the Nano-SIM is not compatible with the existing Micro-SIM.


The iPhone 5 is available at 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. Prices start, respectively, at $199, $299 and $399.


If the new iPhone 5 seems as a too big expense when already possessing an iPhone 4S; iPhone 4S´users can get many of the new iPhone 5´features (new maps, new siri, new passbook, new facetime, new photo share and many other more) simply buy updating the software. It can be done directly from the phone´s updates: “Software Updates” > “ iOS 6”.

To know more about all the new iPhone 5 features visit the Apple page.


-Images Credit: Images have been resized and modified from www.apple.com




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