Is Cloud Computing of Any Use in Education?

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‘Education and cloud computing’ sounds ambiguous, right? It is because there are few users and individuals who belong to the educational sector. Cloud computing is generally associated with the industrial and business sectors. But computers have reached every field and education is also not left out of it. Whether it is in the lower sections or in higher education, there are good reasons of involving computers in the education structure.

With the entrance of computers, many cloud computing strands have also evolved giving the students the opportunity to collaborate and work as a team on an assignment. Cloud based education saves quality time and also promotes better understanding amongst the students. Having said so much about cloud computing, it is necessary that you understand its meaning properly.

What is cloud computing all about?

Cloud computing is very much related with the web world. In the recent times, internet is regarded as the cloud since everyone has equal access to it. Original concept of internet gave rise to the notion of cloud computing. The only thing is that its applicability is made broader. This implies that cloud computing enables you to access the web world and its contents anytime and anywhere on this earth.

The writer of Associated Press, Lawrence Cruz describes cloud computing in its technical term as a selection of technologies and applications that users can access and manipulate in real time.

Cloud-based Education for the Present Generation     

In the educational field, cloud computing has a very practical usage. With the help of this advanced technology, many educational institutions can actually use the internet resources in data storage and data analysis. Moreover, the present world operates on cloud and cloud-based technologies, such as Amazon cloud service. And the fact is, if you try to work without this fact, you ultimately end up in working with futility.

Hence, to sum up what advantages do institutions have on implementing cloud computing. Have a quick look right here –

  • Cloud computing enables learners as well as teachers to access useful tools and applications for FREE.
  • With the interconnection facility of cloud, students are open to wide sphere. It means that they get the chance to have authentic experience about the world outside. In this learning technique since there is a mentor or teacher in every process, students or learners have the scope of learning with more decency and efficiency.
  • The greatest advantage with cloud computing technology is institutions have the privilege of accessing real information from all across the world in just a few seconds. This is significant for education as learners and teachers are constantly updated with huge bundle of information.
  • Being new, this technology is effective as well as environment friendly.

Aren’t you still not convinced why cloud computing is used in schools or for education? You should be…The learners are in the beneficial position as every single learner gets the same educational service at the same time. When you take the aid of cloud computing, you may choose not to be confined within the four walls of the classroom for educational purpose.  Travel with education!!!

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