Top 5 Used Android Apps for 2012

ronald 3 October 2012 0

The smart phones can be actually classified into two general categories; phones with Android OS and
the phones without an android OS. This was just a general statement and no disrespect to the other OS
but this is the way the market generally sees it.

The main reason why the market is getting attracted to the Android OS has to be the wide range of
applications available on the Android market which have a wide range of use for the users who are using
a phone with an Android OS.

The tablets or other devices which run on the Android OS can all have access to these applications and
depending on the versions of the OS the applications too will change and may lead to better use and
applications. Now since the inception of the Android market there are tens of thousands of applications
now for one to choose from and make the most of on their devices. According to the current stats here
are some of the most commonly used apps which include:

Groove Runner: The groove runner is one of the most successful apps in history which has
motivated many people to go the distance for keeping fit. The motivation level is high with the
app and the tracks just keep the spirit of life pushing for more. One of the most recommended
android app for those fitness freaks who look out for adrenaline pumping tracks.

Drive to Improve: Driving is an art and not all are born with a mastery over it. In fact many
of the people are quite clumsy at it and this can really kill the confidence of the person while
hitting the streets. So to assist and improve your skills when you are behind the wheel Android
market has the Drive to improve app which keeps a track of your driving style and even keeps
scores in case you ask for it.

ICC Cricket: To keep a track of all the latest T-20 world cup developments the official ICC cricket
apps are also available in the android market for the devices.

EMusic: The EMusic app helped people to download music officially with a monthly subscription
and has been a successful one now for decades. Lot of other relative apps has come up too.

Triggertrap: The Triggertrap apps are for the cameras which allow one to reprogram their
camera on the basis of light, laser or sound and have become a great success on phones.

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