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Google Play Store is a type of a site where distinct Android applications are available for downloading. It is also known as a wireless downloader from which you can download required android apps for free. Few of apps will charge you to pay for downloading it. First, you have to sign up for the Google Play Store site and then you are allowed to download the apps. The services of the site are accessible worldwide. On the Google Play Store site you also have a facility to purchase Google TV gadgets. Google Play Store has nearly 650, 000 apps which are available and nearly 20 billion people used the site for downloading the apps they needed. Few of the best android apps on Google Play Store are:

Gmail app:

Gmail app is built for making email more spontaneous, effective and useful. By using this app you can get emails instantly. It updates your notifications as soon as you receive an email. You can read and reply to the mail online & offline. It also helps you to manage your mails; view and save attachments; and you can search for the mail that is needed.

Maps app:

The latest release of the Google Maps app will help you to trace the new routes that were previously unknown. The app has all detailed maps with 3D constructions. It has a facility of voice guided GPS navigations. It gives you live traffic data to overcome congestion. It also has an option of Street View on Google Maps by which you can travel the world at street level. This option makes it easier to know the landmarks and places to visit.

Facebook app:

This app is used to connect with your friends. You can use this app for sharing your photos and videos with your friends. It also allows you to; text, chat and also have group conversations with your networks.


The modern version of YouTube will allow you to watch videos around the world including official entertainments. By signing up you can browse and share videos to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

WhatsApp Messenger:

WhatsApp is available on all mobile devices, for sending free messages to your friends and family. It uses WiFi or 3G to send messages, images, video messages and audio text etc.


Twitter app helps you to know information about media, news, events and other information which you may need.

The above are few of the best Android apps available on Google Play Store and some other apps like DropBox, Google Translate; Angry Birds also come under this category. For downloading any of the android apps the Google Play Store is the best site to choose. If you need money for downloading any of the apps, opt for a payday loan which provides you with instant money. Google Play Store site also helps you to purchase devices online. payday loans will provide you with the instant cash you need for purchasing a device, if you are left with insufficient money.

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