What Is Cloud Hosting? Does WordPress Use It?

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The “Cloud” term is the latest buzz in the Internet world. It is used by people who are working in different it sectors(vpn service, hosting, etc). It’s a form of hosting that offers some very substantial benefits as far as flexibility is concerned, particularly for free sites. Because cloud hosting is as much a marketing term and a concept as it is a specific technology product, you’ll see the term used in different ways depending upon where you’re getting your information. Here are the most important aspects of cloud hosting that you’ll want to take into account if you’re a WordPress site owner.

It’s Good for Big Sites

Very large and busy sites do have something to gain from cloud hosting. In a cloud hosting environment, bandwidth can be allocated on an as-needed basis. This means that, at slow times, your site gets very few resources. When things pick up, however, more and more bandwidth can be made available for your site. This has the end result of making your site load faster and, for businesses, of making a better impression on customers, in all likelihood.

There Are Security Questions

When someone tells you that your data is in the cloud, it’s a nebulous answer by definition. Some website administrators and business owners have issues with this and it’s worth considering when you’re trying to decide whether or not to go with cloud hosting. The crux of the issue is easy to understand.

The design of cloud hosting makes some people worried about the accountability inherent in the system. After all, if the information is being drawn out of a cloud, who is ultimate responsible for its security? Do you have any control over who’s in charge of that security? Can you control where and how your data is moved around on the host’s servers? There are a lot of questions about cloud storage and hosting that make people pause. Be sure to ask them. Some security experts say cloud hosting is acceptably safe and others have serious reservations.

It May Be too Much

Cloud hosting is excellent for very large sites. Your personal blog really may not need it, however. Think about it like buying a Porsche to drive on a dirt road. If you’re not consuming a lot of bandwidth every month and there aren’t any issues with your site loading slowly of which you’re aware, you may not need cloud hosting at all. It might just be overkill and you could save money by sticking with a simple hosting plan.

It’s New

Cloud computing is a form of computing that relies on networking. Networking technology is always improving and, of course, that means that it’s likely that cloud storage and hosting will improve in quality, as well. Remember that this technology has been around for a relatively short amount of time. You will probably see prices drop in coming years and you’ll probably see more hosts migrate to this type of hosting as the standard. If your site hasn’t outgrown a virtual host or a dedicated host yet, you might not need to worry about cloud hosting until it becomes the standard.

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