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In the ever competitive smartphone market, Samsung has announced a new release of its famed Galaxy S3 in a new mini version. The phone will soon be released in the UK, but for now, the reception hasn’t been too popular. While the Samsung’s Galaxy S3 has had great success, most notably taking on Apple’s iPhone (4 and now the 5), the newer version does not live up to the performance that most customers were looking for. It is however including the newest Google Android update, Jelly Bean 4.1. The real big change, is of course, why it is deemed the “mini” version of the phone.

The newest Galaxy S3 is going to move from a 4.8 inch screen down to a 4 inch screen. This is somewhat of a surprising change considering the size of the Galaxy S3 has been one of the biggest selling points for Samsung, and Android phones overall. In fact, it is one of the biggest reasons that Apple has struggled in the market, though they just upgraded to a larger screen size of 4 inches (the current size of the S3 Mini). Apparently this move by Samsung is to make the phone easier to use, yet a mere .8 inch difference doesn’t seem to account for much.

What makes this surprising is that large screens are becoming extremely more popular, and for Samsung to take a step back seems a little counter intuitive. All of this popularity has come from the app store and media apps from third parties like DirecTV’s app that allows you to stream all the television programs, like NFL Sunday Ticket, to your phone. With smaller screens, these apps are less enjoyable, and the push for larger smartphone screens, as well as the use of tablets, has been increasing.

This is also an odd time for Samsung to go smaller in the wake of the iPad Mini announcement. It seems that most companies are trying to find a middle ground between tablets and phones like Apple. Instead, Samsung is taking a step back and making a smaller unit. This really doesn’t seem to make sense in this industry to take such a hard step back in a competitive industry in which consumers are always demanding the best products.

It will be interesting to see how this phone fares in the market. It seems like Samsung is really going against the stream on innovation in the market, but that doesn’t mean it will do poorly, but it does make it seem difficult. Overall, the phone will have most features seen in most phones (high quality camera, large storage space, etc.). It looks as though it will also be relatively inexpensive, which might be the most important feature that dictates success in a mobile industry.

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