Using Contacts Web Database List in Sharepoint 2010

Shameem Ahmed 22 October 2012 0

Contacts web database is a site template to store and manage information about people that your team works with, such as customers, partners and team members etc. Sharepoint provides online database to store, retrieve, manage and view contacts and reports without any coding knowledge.

Creating Contacts Web Database in Sharepoint

1. Open your Sharepoint site.

2. Click More Option from Site actions.

3. Select Contact Web Database, click on create after providing name and url.

4.  When Contacts Web Database is created, Click on Address Book to create new contacts.

5. Click on Add new to create new contacts in the Address Book.

6. Provide contact images, contact person details and click Save & New to create another contact or click Save & Close to save contacts and close the contacts creation window.

7.  We can add, edit and search contacts in the Address Book.

8. Click on Datasheet to view all contacts as if it is in Microsoft Access. In Datasheet we can add new contacts or edit previous contacts also.

9. We can view reports, for Address Book, Contact Details, Phone Books, etc. in Report Center.


Sharepoint allows users to create and manage contacts in Contacts web database. It is easy to add, edit and maintain contacts, it also enables user to store contacts in local machine using Microsoft Access.

Contacts web database contains features like adding multiple images for a single contact, creating categories for filtering contacts etc.

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