Microsoft System Center falls short for managing VMware vSphere

Shameem Ahmed 22 November 2012 0

Microsoft System Center falls short for managing VMware vSphere Stephanie Dee, a member of User Interface Team at VMware, gives an overview of vCenter for managing the vSphere environment. She explains that vCenter has been designed so that managing vSphere is extensible, consistent and scalable to large number of inventory objects and solutions. New features like the simplified tab model and new navigation controls help provide one pane of glass management for even the most complex vSphere infrastuctures. Microsoft claims that customers can use system center virtual machine manager to deploy and manager virtual machine and services across vSphere hosts. On closer inspection these capabilities are quite limited to basic vm functions. For example, one of the most powerful attributes within vSphere is the integrated approach for managing network and storage resources. When you try to manage a vSphere environment with Microsoft System Center virtual machine manager, you can not add or delete storage, resize of the mdk, or configure storage IO control. There is no ability to manage the distributed switch. You can not create or modify port groups. All of these operations must be completed within vCenter.

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